Below is from the "Talk of the Villages" forum, posted by  one of our satisfied customers

 "Wait!!! Please do not call a pest control company before you know if they are a swarm of honeybees or indeed hornets. If they are honeybees and are swarming, they will leave in a few days. I had a swarm in my yard and called an apiary (Wallace Family Apiary in New Mexico ->. They came and collected the bees. I helped. They were so gentle that you could handle them. I was amazed that I could touch them. Mr Wallace gave them a new home and they are thriving. Please, everyone..honeybees are essential in our world and are in grave danger. If you have a honeybee nest or swarm, please call a bee keeper..not a pest control company. The pest control company will almost certainly poison them".

- The Villages, Florida

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